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The Philosophy

One of the most important issues when it comes to learning an instrument, whether you’re a beginner or advanced, is to understand the importance of the teacher's background from a pedagogical aspect. Through your experience, you will discover that great musical performance doesn’t  necessarily mean great teaching abilities. Unfortunately, most of the experiences of learning a musical instrument around the world are not positive experiences, as we generally do not understand the value of a good music education process as much as we put value for the final results of playing perfect concerts or participating in competitions. Music education deals with the core of our sense of creativity and sense of achievement, and it can easily  take us to the opposite of what we wish for.

Therefore, we need to be learning in a safe environment which is based on encouragement rather than stressing and questioning our abilities. Everyone has the right to learn in a place where it’s not limited to only one method of teaching, as we are all not the same when it comes to examining our best learning input channels (acoustic, visual or analysis etc.).

We need to learn in a place where we can be understood, as our psychological history is a major element of our learning process.

Finally, we all want to learn in a place where the teacher is not intimated by our fast progress at the professional level, where he can be proud and most importantly have an understanding that our achievements aren’t anyone's belongings but ours!

The Method

During my studies in two of the most important departments for music education in Germany with the main focus on classical guitar at the University of Arts Berlin/Udk and analyzing many classical guitar methods from the classic era to the modern, I have built a mind map of all the classical guitar techniques and levels of learning, which work step by step with any student.

It’s important to learn the theory through practice, to have the chance to learn solo pieces, and to play with other musicians.  It is also essential to participate in concerts after a certain level, regardless of how humble the techniques are. The critical thing is to not forget that we are dealing with music, and it’s beyond the technicalities, so we take it step by step and enjoy the journey!

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