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Alan Ibrahim


Born in Syria, Alan Ibrahim is a Kurdish musician who started studying classical guitar with various teachers such as: Alaa Hesso, Mazen Al-Saleh and Tariq Salhiah. After moving to Berlin in 2015, he started studying at the International Guitar Academy Berlin under the supervision of Prof. Pia Offermann and Prof. Dr. Thomas Offermann.

In 2017, he started his study at the University of Arts, Berlin. First in music teacher training programs (Lehramtmusik/Udk), and currently, he is studying music education (KPA/Udk), both with the main focus on classical guitar under the supervision of Prof. Martin Hegel and Prof. Anita Rennert.

Alan Ibrahim played with the guitar ensemble of the International Guitar Academy Berlin and the University of Music And Theater Rostock under the direction of Prof. Dr. Thomas Offermann. Annual concert tours were conducted across Germany.

His musical education was complemented by master classes with masters of classical guitar such as Marcin Dylla, Aniello Desiderio and others.

Since moving to Berlin, Alan Ibrahim has played in many solo, duo and ensemble concerts across Germany. Spanish, Latin and Oriental music are one of the most important genres that speak to the soul of classical guitar, and are usually the main focus of his concert programs. Currently, he is working on duo projects to discover the power of the sound of classical guitar next to other instruments such as cello and accordion.

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