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Alan Ibrahim

In 2009, Alan Ibrahim started in his hometown Aleppo to gain experience in music education when he taught under supervision at the two most important music schools in Aleppo next to his private studies with professors of classical guitar at the Conservatory in Damascus. He continued this work in Berlin, where he currently teaches at various music schools and projects.

Head of the guitar department, site manager and head of the youth guitar ensemble

MitmachMusik is a non-profit organization that aims to teach music to children and youth with refuge experience next to the local students. Since April 2016 different centers in Berlin and Brandenburg have provided lessons to more than 350 students and established an orchestra and guitar ensemble. Working with sensitive groups who suffer from the results  of the forced displacement, such as PTSD, made our mission to be more precise to establish a method to provide music education taking the psychological and social condition of our students as a priority.

Currently, Alan Ibrahim is teaching also in:

Waldorf school in Potsdam, Kinderspiel music school in Berlin, Evangelical School Charlottenburg in Berlin and Private lessons in the Guitar lessons studio in Mitte, Berlin

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